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The Aviator


The Aviator


Ceratopsia Family Gathering

I've been working with paleontologists on an article about triceratops family tree. Stay tuned for details.


Drawing for Beginners Part 1

North Hills Art Center

Dates: Sunday 2/26/2017 - 3/19/2017

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Age: Adults and Teen

All levels welcome! We will start with learning the right drawing tools for the job and explore the different effects graphite has on different surfaces. We will practice vital warm-up, sketching and study skills. We will work from still life's to develop the eye for shading, value and and positive/negative space. We will tackle perspective and also learn basic anatomy. Students are asked to bring current samples of work to class.


Hoop skirts from the 16th century were so thick they stopped a bullet meant for Queen Margot of Navarre. The bullet, fired by a Captain of her Guard, was probably an assassination attempt by her brother, Henry III, King of France.


The King's Man, Sheriff Hugh Beringher

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