Jaw Bone_Raw_LR
Project Seagrass_ZimmermanLR

Assignment: Represent the diverse collection of plants, insects, and animals that make a home in mangrove tree tops and roots. Client: The Mangrove Book It is believed that mangroves capture more carbon dioxide than even the rainforests. Mangroves are under pressure from palm oil plantations and shrimp farms and tourism. Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

Seahorse Snout_AZimmerman

Assignment: The challenge on this piece was accurately rendering the delicate muscle and bone structure of the seahorse's head and snout. I referenced x-rays and dried specimens to build an accurate illustration. Client: Fusedjaw.com Unfortunately many captive seahorses are infected by a condition called weak snick. This impairs the seahorses ability to feed. Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Othnielia rex_AZimmerman
Death and Disease

Assignment: Create an image for a science journal article about disease.

Don't be a dino

Assignment: Merchandise Product for Redbubble. Small Dinosaur with copy: Dinosaurs didn't read books, now they are extinct. Don't be a Dinosaur