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Chainmail and Fish Scales

Here we are at the end of my Artist in Residency at Touchstone Center for Arts and Crafts, I can look back at my goal and judge my success. As a science illustrator I wanted to reach beyond informational illustration and begin exploring emotional connections and reactions to nature. Specifically, (mostly), I focused on man-made elements juxtaposed against the fabric of the natural world.

Fish cales and Chainmail
Loose Marbles

With this concept in mind, I developed 6 compositions to work on during the residency. I also decided that while I was challenging myself I might as well work in oil. (Oils and I are currently in a love/hate relationship.) AND why not challenge myself even more with incredibly hard (for me) surfaces and textures.

Four of the pieces are included here, though finishing touches still need to be added at this stage.

What to see the finished pieces and have a chance to buy one?

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This was a new experience for me and I was amazed at how having this dedicated space and time and support form Touchstone made such a difference in achieving my goals.

Tree Bark Lizard Eye
Find a Penny

More about Touchstone:

The Touchstone Center for Arts and Crafts campus is tucked away in the Allegheny Mountains and provides visiting artists studio space to explore new avenues of their work. The campus also includes clean modest dorm rooms with kitchen, frig and microwave. While they are always happy to consider two dimensional artists such as myself, the campus has facilities for glass blowing, pottery and blacksmithing as well. They run a series of workshops and lectures through the summer months for individuals wishing to develop their talent or just learn a new skill.

With limited phone and internet access, the artist is immersed in the quiet mountain landscape. I began my residency in May when the early mornings required a space heater in the studio and ended mid June when temps were still milder but warm. They also offer a Fall residency.

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