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Gallery Show paintings: Fire Fighters and First Responders (Its Kinda a Big Deal)

What started out as an exercise to challenge my oil painting abilities, turned into something much bigger. It turns out that painting fire engines is extremely complex. But as I said, I was 'looking for a challenge'. Next thing you know, I've taken a deep dive.

And then someone said encouragingly 'Sure, you could do a gallery show'. So then, I had a goal. I have been painting fire fighter stuff since then. And, then I found a gallery to host my work for the month of June. A real, honest to goodness, gallery show. Paintings of Fire Fighters and First Responders Yay! (It's kinda a big deal).

Thank you to those who have been so encouraging. My family, my friends. Thank you to the patience of all the fire fighters that have fielded my questions and curiosity with professionalism and kindness.

Show runs June 2-22, 2024. Opening night June 7th 7pm. Kids activities planned, so bring the family.

Stay tuned... maybe there'll be a commemorative book on Kickstarter. But one thing at a time.


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